NYCMall Refund Policy

At NYCMall, we are a small business operating online based in the great state of Montana. We work with our partners to ship products to the people in order to promote the use and value of New York Coin. Many in the New York Coin Community have been waiting for opportunities to use their New York Coin online.

Part of the beauty of this technology is the lack of chargebacks. This puts onus on the buyer to be selective in purchases, and to pay attention to reviews and other aspects before making a purchase. We are fully prepared in the event of an error by us or our partners to exchange at full value (in United States dollars at the time of purchase) for up to 30 days. You cannot get a refund unless there is a material defect or the product you have ordered does not match what you purchased. You cannot get a refund because you changed your mind. We encourage you instead to voice your honest opinion and leave reviews to allow other customers to gauge if the product in question is right for them. We are bound to what Buyer Protection programs our partners will offer and depending on the product/supplier, they may not have one. If such programs are available we will always help to use them, but in cases where they are not offered we do not refund and all sales are final.

The buyer must follow the instructions provided to comply with the refund policies of our partners which may include a requirement to ship it back at buyer’s expense. If your purchase does not qualify for the refund policies provided by our partners – all sales are final and under no circumstances will refunds be issued by us. If refunds are required to be issued, the USD value equivalent of New York Coin will be returned. (For example: if you spent 1 million New York Coin when it was valued at $20 per million and then suddenly two weeks later you do a return and the value goes up to $200 per million you will receive 100,000 NYC.)

We strongly encourage our customers whether they are happy or sad with their purchases to always leave reviews and to be fully honest. We want to get an idea of how you like the products and it will give us a good idea of what to buy in the future. NYCMall is proudly a small business dedicated to increasing the use and popularity of New York Coin. We may not be able to offer generous return policies but what we can offer you is a dedication to finding the best products that you won’t want or need to return.

If you’re having an issue with a product, you can reach us at We’ll answer as soon as we possibly can and work with our partners to address the issue and make things right.